West One join bridging & second charge lender panel

We’re excited to welcome West One to our bridging and second charge panel. 

The lender offers extremely competitively priced products which have been sourcing well over the past few months, so we’ve responded swiftly to get them on panel, ensuring your customers always have access to the best deals available!

The lender prides themselves on their manual underwriting approach, avoiding basing decisions on minimum credit scores and instead taking the time to understand the customer’s ambitions, enabling them to base lending decisions on risk and potential.

For more information, contact Ingard’s Specialist Broker Team on 01702 538 800 or request a call back.

Plus don’t forget, if your customers need urgent finance in time for Christmas then our team are here to help.


Bridging Loan Highlights

  • Unregulated bridging loan rates from 0.55%
  • Regulated bridging loan rates from 0.75%
  • Max LTV of 74.5% on a 1st charge and 70% on a 2nd Charge
  • Lending can be secured against residential property (inc HMOs), farms or agricultural properties or even land (with or without planning consent)
  • Uninhabitable properties accepted
  • Development & heavy refurbishment available with additional drawdowns
  • Interest deducted or serviced to suit the client’s needs
  • Residential and commercial properties acceptable – England /Scotland/ Wales
  • Fast completions – average turnaround of 25 days from application to completion
  • No exit fees or ERCs
  • Loans up to £15m+
  • Adverse considered

Bridge to Let Highlights

  • Up to 65% LTV
  • Fixed 2 or 3 year terms
  • Adverse considered
  • 100% Rental coverage or shortfall can be retained (referral only)
  • Up to 3m interest retention for refurb or obtaining a tenant

Second Charge Highlights

– No minimum credit score on all plans
– Rates from 3.79%
– Up to 85% LTV
– Products with no ERCs
– Max age 85 at end of term
– Loans from 3 – 30 years

Second Charge BTL Highlights

– Unregulated and consumer buy to let options
– Equitable charges for declined consent cases
– Expats who are British Nationals considered
– No restrictions on the number of properties in the portfolio
– Use of non buy to let income
– Properties let on a licensed HMO or multi-AST basis considered

Here to Help

For help placing a case, contact our Specialist Lending & Protection Team:
call us on 01702 538 800 or arrange a call back.