Introducing our New DA Support Compliance Packages

We’re excited to unveil our new DA compliance packages for the first time.

Ingard has always offered a competitive proposition to DAs. However, due to increasing demand for more one-to-one compliance and business support, we have expanded the range of services we offer.

As you are no doubt aware, some compliance providers will take a cut of your commission regardless of the amount of business you write. If you write medium to high levels of business each month then this can quickly mount up.

At Ingard our approach is different. Our packages are designed to provide you with two levels of support, each guaranteeing direct access to compliance and business support whenever you need it so that you can feel rest assured that your business is ahead of the game and protected.

You may already be a Directly Authorised Adviser, determined to maintain your professional independence. Or maybe you are an Appointed Representative seeking greater independence by taking the Directly Authorised route. Whatever your situation, our comprehensive Directly Authorised compliance packages provide the complete solution for you to build a secure and profitable business in the increasingly complex world of mortgage regulation.

Special Offer

To celebrate the launch of our support packages, we will be offering 3 month’s free compliance support to all brokers who sign up to one of our packages at Ingard’s Annual Conference on the 27th June in Coventry. For more information, view the agenda for this year’s Conference or reserve your place.

Here to Help

For more information about our compliance packages and 3 month’s free special offer, call us on 01702 538 800 or request a call back.

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