Flexible Funding for Holiday Lets

If your customers are looking to purchase, remortgage or raise funds to refurbish a holiday let, then our Specialist Team are here to help.

Raising funds for a holiday let can be more complex than a standard buy to let as there are limited options amongst most high street and specialist lenders. Plus, running a holiday let is treated by HMRC in the same way as a trading business and so there are different tax considerations to a buy to let investment. Check out Castle Trust’s helpful guide to unconventional buy to lets for more information.

Our whole of market team has the experience and expertise in this field to know which lenders to approach and know how to structure the deal to ensure the most cost-effective outcome for the client is achieved. And to top it all off, we pay brokers a very rewarding cut of the proc fee and broker fee on all deals.

Holiday Let Highlights

  • Flexible options for rental coverage
  • First or second charge mortgages
  • Manual underwriting
  • No maximum age
  • Roll up some or all of the interest
  • Bespoke funding

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