The Mortgage Lender Join Specialist Panel

Intermediary-focused challenger brand, The Mortgage Lender, have joined Ingard’s specialist panel. The lender offers highly competitive rates, starting from 1.95%, and flexible criteria aimed at supporting the following types of borrowers:


Acceptable income includes 100% of salary, 100% of income from a second job, 50% of overtime/ commission/ bonus and 50% of maintenance payments.


Limited companies can include retained profits and dividends in their income calculation, partnerships can also include retained profits. Only 1 year’s trading history required for loans up to 80% LTV and 2 year’s trading history required for loans up to 85% LTV – the client does not need a track record in the same field.

Contract Workers

Need to have completed 6 months of their current contract and have 6 months of contract still to run (does not need to be with the same employer).

Impaired Credit

Product range caters to applicants who have an imperfect credit history; including CCJs, secured and unsecured arrears, defaults, IVA or bankruptcy.


Lending available up to age 80. The Mortgage Lender will use 100% of private pension and state pension income.

How to Submit Business

The Mortgage Lender can be accessed on a packaged basis through Ingard’s Specialist Team. We will pay you an attractive proc fee of 0.5% and never cross-sell to your clients.

Call our Specialist Team for guidance on the best rates and criteria, or complete one of the below short forms:

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