Ingard partners with Guardian

Guardian’s Life Protection and Critical Illness Protection propositions will be available through iPipeline from today and Ingard Members will have immediate direct access to them.

Guardian’s customer-focused service is set to shake up the market. The Provider have deliberately departed from some of the conventional norms when designing their proposition. They believe there’s a better way to give you and your clients what you need. For Guardian, ‘better’ isn’t about changing one big thing. It’s about constantly improving lots of little things that collectively make a big difference.

Just two examples are:

Simple, clear definitions: They’ve simplified their policy wording to make cover easier for you to recommend and for customers to understand.

Unique customer promise: If their critical illness definitions improve, in most cases they’ll apply the improvements to existing customers’ policies completely free of charge.

After a successful pilot, they are rolling out a comprehensive suite of protection products which include optional extras such as Children’s Critical Illness Protection and Fracture Plus Protection. They also offer Reserved Cover enabling Financial Advisers to increase or add new cover on the same terms as the initial cover for up to 27 months.

Ingard welcomes the revival of Guardian and looks forward to running an online webinar on their products in the next few months.

How to register

If you’re an Appointed Representative (e.g. you are a member of Ingard’s Network but work under your own company name):

Click here then select “Register” under the “Register Your Firm” section and confirm your firm details. Once you have received a confirmation email from Guardian, you will be able to register individual advisers under your firm.


If you’re a Company Representative (e.g. you work under Ingard’s company name):

Click here then select “Register” under the “Register Yourself” section and complete your details. Your firm FRN is 450731.

Find out more about Guardian.


For more information, call our Protection Team on 01702 538 800 or request a call back.