Black Friday: Check out the hottest specialist mortgage deals

Take a look at some of our best specialist mortgage deals.

The Mortgage Lender

Rates from 1.89% on LTVs up to 75%.

Perfect for:

  • Unusual or irregular incomes
  • Multiple income sources or employment roles
  • Self-employed with only 1 year’s trading history
  • Contract workers

Vida Homeloans

Take a look at a few of Vida’s star products which include up to 3 missed payments in the last 6 months, up to a combined total of £250.
Impaired Credit History
  • Small credit blips or life events allowable
  • Up to 3 CCJs and 2 missed mortgage payments allowed up to 80%
  • CCJs and defaults of up to £500 ignored
Right to Buy Purchase
  • Any product level up to 95% of the discounted purchase price. Same max loan limits and criteria
  • Flats up to 80% LTV
  • High rise considered

Precise Mortgages

Customers in a debt management plan? Or struggling with affordability? Perhaps even looking for a help to buy?

Precise have leading product ranges tailored to all these types of customers – and more.

  • Debt management plans accepted as a monthly commitment. Rates from 3.39% up to 75% LTV.
  • Help to buy products from 3.75%, up to 75% LTV with no product fee. Plus, a builder’s deposit of up to 5% is accepted.
  • A range of options to assist with affordability, including lifetime trackers from 3.11% and 5 year fixed rate products with affordability based on the initial rate.
  • Right to buy products available up to 100% of the discounted purchase price.

For help placing a specialist case, call our Specialist Team on 01702 538 800 or request a call back.