Opportunity Knocks: Equity Release Referrals

Looking to expand your business into a lucrative new area? Or receiving an increasing number of enquiries from customers over the age of 55 years who are unable to remortgage?

Over the past 12 months, the number of customers taking out equity release (aka whole of life mortgages and home reversion plans) has soared and this trend is set to continue over the next 5 years. There are many reasons why this type of finance is increasing in popularity, such as lender’s introducing tighter affordability restrictions making remortgaging impossible, falling interest rates and families wanting to gift money to younger generations.

Examples of typical customer profiles:

  • Individuals whose interest only mortgage is coming to an end (or is being called in by their current lender) but they have no way of repaying the outstanding loan and are unable to remortgage.
  • Individuals who would like to free up some money in their home to enable them to live more comfortably, carry out home improvements or gift money to a family member.
  • Individuals who want to free themselves from debt, such as their current mortgage or unsecured debt.

Why refer your client to Ingard?

  • Rewarding Commission. We pay introducing brokers 50% of the broker fee and proc fee, net of costs.
  • No Cross-Selling. We will not sell additional services to your client unless you ask us to, in which case we will pay you an attractive referral fee.
  • Dedicated Equity Release Adviser who will deal with you and your customer from initial enquiry straight through to completion.
  • No Upfront Fees. We will only charge the customer a broker fee if the deal completes.

Simple 5 step process:

  • If you have a client over the age of 55 years who you feel may benefit from equity release, then contact our qualified whole of market Equity Release Advisers on 01702 538 800 or request a call back.
  • Our Equity Release Adviser will discuss the client’s needs with you and ask you to send across any information you have already gathered e.g. a Fact Find. If you haven’t completed any initial research, then simply send us their name and number.
  • Our Equity Release Adviser will call the client to discuss their requirements and will provide an indication of the type of product that may be suitable for their needs.
  • If the client is happy to proceed, then our Equity Release Adviser will visit the client at their home address and fully assess their needs. You can accompany our Equity Release Adviser at this meeting if you wish.
  • If the client confirms that they would like to take out an equity release loan, then our Equity Release Adviser will process the case straight through to completion.

Here to help

For help placing a case, call our Specialist Team on 01702 538 800 or request a call back.