Post Office for Intermediaries added to mortgage and buy to let panel

Post Office for Intermediaries is set to become Bank of Ireland UK’s dominant mortgage lending arm and we are delighted to inform you that Ingard’s Network Members can now access the lender via Legal and General Mortgage Club.

The lender offers two unique inter-generational lending products:

Post Office Family Link

Designed for first time buyers who have no deposit but good affordability.

Post Office Family Link™ is made up of two loans:

  1. The first time buyer takes a 90% LTV mortgage against the property they’re buying.
  2. Then, with a parent or close relative (their assistor) they take out a mortgage for the remaining 10%, securing this against the assistor’s mortgage free home. This is interest free and must be repaid in five years.

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Post Office Retirement Link

Allows your retired customers to secure a mortgage using their guaranteed pension income.

Retirement Link Capital and interest (C&I)
Enables your customers to retain 100% of the value of their home at the end of the mortgage term as it is not equity release.

  • Available for purchase and remortgage
  • Maximum age 90 at the end of the mortgage term
  • Maximum 50% LTV
  • Maximum loan £500,000

Retirement Link Interest only (IO)
Gives your customers access to a lump sum secured against their home.

  • Applicants must be mortgage free. Minimum property equity of £250,000
  • Maximum 30% LTV
  • Maximum age 80 at the end of the mortgage term
  • Loan repayable from the sale of the mortgage property, so this could be a good option for those looking to downsize in the future

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