Secure Trust Bank have joined our residential mortgage panel

When you’re struggling to find a high street lender who will accept your customer? Try Secure Trust Bank!

We are excited to announce that Secure Trust Bank has joined our residential mortgage panel.

The lender specialise in offering a home for your unordinary cases, teaming a manual underwriting approach with a genuine thirst to lend. Rates start from 2.69%, LTVs are available up to 85% and there are no minimum income requirements.

Here’s an overview of Secure Trust Bank’s key niches:

Self Employed

  • Can accept last years’ figures or an average, dependent on circumstances
  • Will use anticipated income for the self-employed, in the right circumstances
  • Usually, require two years’ accounts but will consider less

Complex income

  • No minimum period of employment, will even consider applicants in probation period
  • Consider 100% of income from second job and subsequent jobs
  • Consider 50-100% of regular overtime, bonus and commission. Plus, 100% of unsociable hours’ payments
  • Some benefits accepted including disability allowance and 100% of maintenance payments (even if not court ordered)

Older Borrowers

  • Lend up to the age of 86 years. Proof of pension required if the customer intends to retire within the first 15 years of the mortgage term

Contractor Workers

  • Can accept customers with only 3 months left on working contract
  • Up to 100% income considered for agency workers with a good track record

Credit Restored

  • Generally, ignore communications, utilities and mail order adverse history
  • Up to 4 CCJs in 36 months < £500 without explanation or > £500 with explanation
  • Consider unsecured credit arrears, if accounts are up to date

How to access Secure Trust Bank

The lender will be available via Ingard’s Packaging Team.

Contact our Specialist Underwriter, Stuart Oxton, on 01702 538 800 or arrange a call back, if you would like to discuss their criteria or a new case!