Are you fed up with your Mortgage Network or DA compliance provider?

It’s that time of the year again when many Mortgage Brokers review their business plan for the coming 12 months and consider whether their current Mortgage Network or DA compliance provider is up to scratch.

There are usually 3 questions which Mortgage Brokers ask us when reviewing their options:

How do you differ from other Networks and DA compliance providers?

The answer is quite simple; we keep the number of firms we work with to a manageable size to ensure that we can be available to every Mortgage Broker when they need us.

For example, every file review comes with detailed feedback which can then be discussed with a Compliance Officer by telephone or email afterward. If continuous mistakes are made on cases, then we can arrange for the Compliance Officer to provide face-to-face training to resolve the issue. Large providers with 1000+ Mortgage Brokers cannot compete with this level of personal support.

What fees do you charge?

Appointed Representatives – We have heard plenty of horror stories about Networks who add sneaky additional fees onto cases. We don’t believe that this is fair and prefer to offer a transparent fee structure. We take a cut of your commission and do not charge a monthly fee or any other fees.

The cut which we take is dependent on the amount of experience you have. For example, if you are qualified but haven’t got Competent Adviser Status (CAS), then we will initially take a higher cut because we will need to work closely with you to get you up to this level. Once you have achieved CAS, we will reduce our cut.

Directly Authorised Brokers – We have a DA Compliance Support package that can be tailored to suit your business needs. The standard package, priced at just £100 per month, is suited to firms with one or two advisers. Larger firms may wish to upgrade the package by choosing from our selection of add-on services.

The DA Compliance Support package includes a full day visit, 4 file reviews, document library, review of all marketing literature, access to our mortgage helpdesk and inclusion within quarterly training events.

Will you take a newly qualified Mortgage Broker with no experience or has been out of the industry for a while?

In a nutshell, we work with experienced and inexperienced Mortgage Brokers. If you have passed your exams but haven’t reached Competent Adviser Status (CAS), then we will work closely with you to get you up to this level.

If you left the industry during the financial crash and are now looking to return, then we will provide you with refresher training to get you up to date on changes to systems, regulations and products.

Want to find out more?

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