Bank of Ireland now available to Ingard Members

We are excited to announce that Ingard Members can now access Bank of Ireland via L&G Mortgage Club!

The high street lender has limited its distribution to a handful of Networks, Clubs and large DA brokerages. Mortgage Brokers wanting to use their products must go through rigorous due diligence, so we are pleased to now be able to provide Members with a route to accessing them.

Bank of Ireland offers a fantastic range of competitively priced, low fee products which include free surveys and cash back.

Mortgage Product Highlights

  • BOI will lend up to 95% LTV on purchases and 90% on remortgages (including for debt consolidation)
  • Interest-only up to 60% LTV

First Start Mortgage (Joint Owner Sole Proprietor)

  • Ideal for first-time buyers and home movers who have experienced a change of circumstances.

The applicant can jointly apply for a mortgage with their parent but the parent is not named on the Land Registry.

Buy to Let Product Highlights

  • Products for first-time landlords (must be a homeowner)
  • No minimum income

Please be aware that Bank of Ireland will only allow up to a maximum of three buy to let properties, either solely or jointly, with themselves and across all lenders.

What You Need to Know …

  • Click here to register and select L&G Mortgage Club as your submission route.
  • Bank of Ireland provides an affordability calculator on their website which only asks 5 basic questions. They base the rest of the calculation on ONS figures. This means they work off approximately 4.5 times income, dependent on debts.

For questions on the lender’s criteria or the application process, contact their helpline on 0345 266 8928.

Do you have any clients who need urgent access to funds before the Christmas break?

Call our Specialist Team now on 01702 538 800 or request a call back.