Most bridging lenders will not do these deals

We’ve picked out three common scenarios when brokers struggle to arrange bridging finance…

High loan to value

Many bridging lenders are only comfortable lending up to 70% LTV. We can arrange funding up to 80% LTV with no additional security required.

Historic adverse

Customers who have previously had CJJs, defaults or any other type of adverse can really struggle to secure bridging finance. Our team work with lenders who will manually assess each case, even if the client has had past credit issues, allowing us to negotiate competitive bespoke terms.

Urgent deals

Due to bridging finance posing a higher level of risk, most brokers struggle to find bridging firms who will agree to terms quickly enough. We know which lenders can genuinely offer same day decisions and have an experienced team who will work around the clock to arrange funds in time.

Here to help

Ingard has a panel of 15 lenders who each have their owns strengths and niches. Our team knows who to contact when a deal comes in to ensure that we can find a solution to the most complex of problems.

For help placing a case, contact our Specialist Lending & Protection Team:
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