Wave bye bye to first charge packaging fees

You asked, we listened!

We’re excited to announce that following the feedback our Specialist Team has received from brokers, we have now removed packaging fees across all residential mortgage and buy to let products, which means your clients will have fewer fees to pay.

You can still charge a broker fee and receive your share of the proc fee and if you’re a Network Member then we won’t take any compliance cuts! Plus, you can earn a £250 bonus on every packaged case completed by Ingard (a minimum of 6 cases must be completed between 01/07/17 – 30/06/2018 to qualify).

How Does This Affect Your Earning Potential?

Appointed Representative or Directly Authorised Broker submits a case directly to Magellan Homeloans
You will earn:
Broker fee charged
0.5% proc fee (Ingard Members will receive proc fee minus their agreed compliance cut)

Appointed Representative or Directly Authorised Broker submits a case to Ingard to package with Magellan Homeloans
You will earn:
Broker fee charged
0.5% proc fee

Plus, if you complete six packaged cases by 30/06/2018 then you will receive an additional £250 per case.

Advantages of Using Ingard Packaging

  • You provide all of the advice and retain full ownership of the client.
  • We help you to find the best deal, even if the customer has adverse, non-standard income or any other quirks which make them difficult to place.
  • Our knowledge of the lender’s criteria and processes helps us to push the case through faster.

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