Free customisable approach letters

Looking to increase your referral business?

In an effort to continually support our Members’ business, we’ve developed a range of approach letter templates which can be customised and sent to local estate agents, solicitors and accountants, to help to give our Members’ business a boost.

Top Tips When Sending Approach Letters

We’ve purposefully created the approach letters using a simple structure so that they can easily be personalised to suit your niche. Make sure you add a line or two to your approach letters which demonstrates your experience and expertise.

Spend a few hours compiling a list of local estate agents, solicitors and accountants.Using a directory like Yell will speed up the research process. You should aim to contact between 50 – 100 businesses.

Send a letter, email or Linkedin message to everyone in your list. If you’re not already on Linkedin then give it a try, there are some great discussion groups for Mortgage Brokers and other businesses are very active on here – including us!

Wait for a response. If you are keen to build a relationship with a business then why not try giving them a call a few days after you’ve sent the approach letter, email or Linkedin message.

Good luck! We’ll be sharing more marketing materials with our Members over the next few months.

If you would like to suggest any materials that you would find helpful, then contact Ria Hackwell: call 01702 538 800 or email