Introducing short-term lending via Ingard

We are delighted to announce that Ingard has launched a short-term lending arm to enable our Specialist Team to assist even more customers who need speedy access to funds.

Every deal we agree will be on a bespoke basis and it brings us great pleasure to inform you that within just a few months we have already agreed to lend all of the money from our first tranche of funding.

Yes, you heard that right – we intend to be a true bridging lender, one that looks at a deal that makes sense and agrees to lend, unlike those that are bound by stringent criteria.

IAF Will:

  • lend up to 80% LTV
  • individually underwrite every deal
  • offer terms from 3 – 12 months
  • consider all types of adverse
  • consider all types of property
  • lend in England and Wales
  • not charge exit fees

IAF Offer:

  • bespoke lending
  • same day decisions
  • a dedicated team of underwriters
  • fast access to funds
  • non-regulated lending products available exclusively through Ingard Financial

Our Specialist Team will always consider the best lending solution across our full panel of 15 short-term lenders and will only recommend IAF if they can offer the most competitive terms. So you can be rest-assured that your customers will always get the best deal.

Here to Help

For help placing a case, contact our Specialist Team:
Call 01702 538 800 or email