Case Study: Funding for SMEs to support cash flow

The Scenario

A tattoo business supplier, specialising in offering a series of proprietary inks, needles & other accessories needed to secure funding so he could purchase the widest variety and most innovative products available to satisfy what is a competitive market.

The fast growing company, formed in 2014, had a sound business plan in place and was able to consider the market offerings for funding to permit the business to move to the next stage.

The Solution

The client had researched the lending market and found that many of the products were either too expensive, had high management fees and/or interest rates. The client seeked advice from his financial advisor, who identified the BusinessPlus Prepaid MasterCard® Card from Just Cashflow Plc, as the most suitable and cost effective available. The interest rates were competitive and the repayment process provided flexibility to assist with the business cashflow.

The financial advisor contacted Ingard to confirm the client’s requirements. A Case Manager was assigned to the case to process the application, completing all necessary administrative work required by Just Cashflow, on behalf of the advisor and the client. The case was completed in just 3 days and the client was issued a BusinessPlus Card with a pre-approved £25,000 credit-line.

The BusinessPlus Card provided the client with the option of drawing on funds into his business bank account to pay supplier invoices with the additional benefit of enabling him to make purchases at the point of sale. This enabled the client to negotiate discounted rates on stock and secure better deals with suppliers on bulk purchases.


Case study for illustrative purposes only.